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The financial planning service we provide can profoundly affect the lives of our clients, their families and their business.
Our Company
Here we describe our corporate values, who were are, our code of ethics, how to contact us, and information about our privacy policy.


Business Planning
Our role as a Registered Employee Benefits Consultant is to help your company provide cost effective employee benefit plans that are effective to attract and retain the best employees.

The key to our success is being creative in all areas of planning. We develop plans that provide a single benefit that can do 'double-duty'. Our computer systems and abilities to help you select and monitor your benefit plans are unsurpassed.


Personal Financial Planning
Our clients are small business owners, management in medium to large public companies and self-employed professionals. Rather than sell a single-purpose product, we look at the total financial picture and into the future in order to make a recommendation that will stand the test of time.


Tool Kit
We have spent a great deal of time over the years accumulating knowledge on products, plans and services that are key to good financial planning. This area allows you to quickly and easily look at, use and download some very useful information.


Health Spending Accounts

Do you or your company need a simple, cost-effective benefit plan? We suggest a Health Spending Account using myFLEXplan, a powerful Internet based system

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One Giant Leap for HR

TOLCO is proud to announce the launch of our brand new web facility, myHRmgr. This is a robust system that allows you to view online exactly what is happening with your benefit plans and your employees.

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